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Welcome to GPSLD Birmingham!

We're the only leaflet distribution business that provide live GPS tracking, as we're physically delivering your leaflets!


It's 2020, a few lines of clever code!


Because we know no one else can provide the service that we can!


  • This is our bread and butter. Live GPS tracking proves exactly where each distributor is along with the route they have taken. If we miss a property, or even a road (we do make mistakes occasionally) it will show up on the GPS tracking that we've missed a house/road for whatever reason.

  • Contact us. We have up to date property counts from every Council that we cover. We constantly update our records every 6-12 months. The Council's data corresponds with OS maps which we rely on. We can also provide property counts on a postcode basis (data obtained from the Royal Mail).
    Please contact us to discuss your ideal areas and we can advise on how many leaflets we'll need.

  • We physically count 100-200 of your leaflets (depending on their size) then we record the weight. From here, we bundle them up into suitable amounts for our distribution teams.
    Our distributors are usually paid on how many they deliver each week, which again is backed up with our GPS tracking app and our property counts (sometimes we might be slightly out either way on a per 1000 basis).

  • Yes, we do!
    We can provide the full package from designing an eye catching flyer to printing it on the correct paper and delivering them door to door so you get the best response possible.

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